Our highly trained and experienced consultants, with proven ability and expertise in the UK and abroad, will provide a personal service for you and your team. Working alongside vets and nutritionists we will improve and maintain consistently high fertility rates within your herd.
Using DairyCOMP 305, one of the dairy industry's most advanced dairy management software programs, we can help you identify the areas where improvements can be made and track progress in a series of reports and reviews.  Taking a whole herd approach, from heat detection through to nutrition management and synchronisation programmes, our reliable and experienced personnel can work with you to promote efficiency and maximise the profitability of your herd.

In addition to any further requirements you may have, the tailored solution you devise with our consultants can comprise any or all of the following:

  • Training course and schedule tailored to your herdsman’s ability , either on your own farm or with technician on current Fertility365¹ rounds
  • Ongoing technical training
  • Ongoing fertility consultancy, tailored to your needs and potentially timed to coincide with routine vet visits
  • Monthly ‘monitor reports’
  • Quarterly ‘fertility reviews’
  • Herd management reports generated as required