Carmel Group Inc. Lead the industry in the manufacture of livestock marking products.


Why is the chalk so good?          

We at BFI services have exacting standards to maintain and use the best products available to achieve our excellent results.
The tail chalk we use needs to be consistent in all weathers and temperatures, durable, visible and efficient, in a range of colours. The best chalk we have found is from the Carmel Group Inc. in Canada,  and so we are now importing in bulk. We are therefore able to offer Carmel’s Livestock Paint Crayon’s for sale to our customers.

In addition to this we are offering the opportunity to spend a day with one of our highly trained technicians to learn how to achieve the best results in the most cost effective and successful way.
New customers can do this training at a cost of £100, which includes 2 boxes of Carmel’s Livestock Crayons.

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